WomenWave – A Initiative By StartupKafe

Women in the present day have been recognized as an indispensable part of the global objective for a stable economy. Same is the case in India where women have recently become the symbol of change. Reasons that motivate women’s entry in commerce vary, but despite all of their variations in socioeconomic backgrounds, they have proven their worth time and again. WomenWave is an initiative aimed at providing women from various fields a platform for learning, self growth and business success.

About StartupKafé

StartupKafe is a virtual platform for successful as well as aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and grow. We at StartupKafe bring the learnings from established business owners to the aspiring entrepreneurs by means of our articles and interviews.

About WomenWave

WomenWave is an initiative taken up by StartupKafe to handhold, mentor and motivate women entreprenuers across India. Being a woman entrepreneur can be challenging in many fronts including the gender bias and family priorities. At WomenWave, we appreciate women taking the lead, becoming independent and benefitting the society though their hard work, dedication & creativity.

WomenWave is a platform for like enthusiastic women entreprenuers where we conduct monthly events and workshops to foster mutual learning and growth. The topics include business ideation, finance, people management, marketing strategies, sales, customer centricity, accounting, work life balance, business strategy, branding, etc.


The vision of WomenWave is to create a community of enthusiastic women, eager to learn from each other & our mentors to excel in their professions/businesses thereby benefitting the society.


Our immediate goal is to benefit at least 200 women entrepreneurs in the first year by conducting workshops on their pain areas of business, providing networking platform with established business owners to learn from. 30 mentees will be assigned to be mentored by our panel in the first 6 months.

50 Women 50 Interviews in 50 Days – We will be conducting interviews of 50 business women in 50 days to share their journeys and learnings with the aspiring women.