Name: Arnav Anand – Founder & CEO, ForPressRelease
Industry: Media
Email: [email protected]

With over a decade’s experience in Media, Publishing & PR industry, Arnav is a knowledge-preneur, linguist and author. He has authored several books, written hundreds of articles and translated a variety of documents. Arnav has a keen interest in nurturing new ideas and has always been in the forefront of supporting startups and budding entrepreneurs, empowering them to realize their goals. He believes “Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey and one must start it with a zeal and a commitment to not being perplexed by the unexpected surprises coming on the way.”

Name: Amit Rathor
Industry: Business Development Consultant
Email: [email protected]

A self motivated enterprising individual, who successfully created an OSCAR participating studio which had a humble start with just 3 co-founders and scaled up to 100 member team. I thrive in a positive, collaborative environment and excel in Customer Delight, Relationship Management and Business Development. With 16+ years of experience I have worked in top IT companies like Tata Consultancy, Infosys and Tech Mahindra in various roles before tasting entrepreneurship with my own company.